Getting your laundry done will never feel the same

Wosh offers an extensive range of services and handles any type of laundry with utter care. From your most delicate fabrics to your old mismatched socks.

wosh bag


Ideal for specific body & home washables. Professionally ironed and neatly folded.

on hanger
wosh on hanger bag

On hangers

Dry- and aqua-cleaning best suited for delicate items. Returned on hangers.



Professional ironing skills applied to your home-washed items.

laundry by kilo

Kilo laundry

A fitting package for all your washables. Professionally ironed and neatly folded.

Detailed Price List

Your laundry, clean. Deliveredwhen,and where you want

Wosh operates both home and selected drop-offs located at companies, office buildings, residences…

At home

Pick-up & delivery at your doorstep.

Pick-up and delivery between 6pm and 10pm
2 hour delivery window
48h turnover
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At Wosh Drop-off

Install a collection point where you need one.

No minimum order
On-site pickup & delivery
Contactless & convenient
24/7 access
48h turnover

*Requires installation before use

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All our services include:


Same price as your local laundry

Full Guarantee
no fee
No hidden fees
Real-time tracking
Eco-friendly, waste-free cleaning
covid safe
Covid safe disinfection

Personalised laundry bags

These eco-friendly bags are used to transport your laundry and respond to two vital criteria: providing utmost care and remaining waste-free. Wosh recommends you order the laundry bags depending on your needs.

laundry bag 1
On-hanger bag
€ 10.00 FREE
To be used for all items returned on-hanger. Suits dresses, suits, pants, shirts…
laundry bag 2
Folded bag
€ 18.00
To be used for all items returned folded. Suits household linens, per kilo laundry, sportswear…

Frequently asked questions

Could not find the answer you were looking for? Drop a message in the contact form (add link to contact form) and we’ll getback to you ASAP.

How do I receive my laundry bag ?
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2 to 3 days after your sign-up, you will receive a personalized Wosh laundry On-Hanger bag via post, this bag should be used to drop & pick up your laundry. Your name & client number should always appear on it. If you have an urgent need and can’t wait for the bag, just give us a call.

If you have ordered the Folded Bag, simply give us your laundry with the On-hanger for the first order, then the bag folded will be added to your order for delivery. 

How can I place an order ?
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You just have to add the items in your basket, select your preferences & confirm your order. You will then receive a confirmation email. You made a mistake ? Don’t worry, You can cancel it up to 10 h before the pick-up. 

How to drop off your laundry in an office ?  Let’s fill up the personalized laundry bag and drop it off to the secure collection point in your building. We recommend dropping the bag off 1-2 hours before the pickup time.

Can I put an extra shirt into my bag after checkout?
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Each bag will be checked by the laundry partners to make sure the order matches the content of your bag. In case an item is missing or put in as extra, our team will contact you and handle things with you.

How does Wosh take payment for my order?
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We collect payment once we start cleaning your clothes after the sorting process. Card payments are processed via a highly secure platform (Stripe).

What happens if one of my items is damaged or goes missing?
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Your clothes are in safe hands, cases of missing items are extremely rare, thanks to our tracing system we are able to find the items in minutes. If any issues occur, please email us to report the issue, with further details and pictures of the item, if available. We will carry out a full investigation to find out what happened.

If we aren’t able to locate your items, we’ll reimburse you in accordance with our terms and conditions. Please note that we’d be required to get notified within 2 days after delivery. 

Is it possible to drop my bag in another office?
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For security reasons, you have to drop your laundry bag at your place of work.

What if I can’t find the items I need to wash in the app ? 
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Your item is not listed or you don't know which one to select, just put it in the laundry bag & confirm your order with a close item. We will professionally sort every order at their arrival & select the best choice. If you have questions about our price, contact us via mail.

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